An exploration of sexuality, identity, and anthropocenic anxieties, 2084 is an intimate series of colored pencil drawings which contemplates on the future of nature and the safe spaces it provides. Employing Vicente's vibrant cultural palette, the works feature surreal landscapes from his Mexican hometown. Self-portraits borrow from mythology to represent the oneness with nature, as a monkey, a frog, and anthropomorphic cacti, a plant of cultural significance in Mexico. Ominous nipple-covered orbs, a reoccurring motif first conceived in 2014, act as a representation of Mother Nature, the giver and taker of life.


The drawings were part of Vicente's January 2020 solo show, Paz Futura (Future Peace), at The Beach Museum in Alagoas, Brazil before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The series, and the virus-like orbs in particular, now appear to have foreshadowed what was soon to come.