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Presale of the Falling States of America is an NFT performance consisting of 50 unique NFTs — each doubling as a certificate of authenticity for unique art installations by Mexican contemporary artist Vicente Ortiz Cortez, who conceived the project as an artist-in-residence at the World Trade Center in New York City.

Informed by David Hammons’ 1983 Bliz-aard Ball Sale, a performance in which Hammons sold snowballs on the streets of New York City as commentary on capitalism, and Dread Scott’s 1988 What is the Proper Way to Display a U.S. Flag?, an installation that invited participants to step on the US flag to write their responses to the question on blank books, Ortiz Cortez’s piece further questions nationalism, capitalism, and their roles in the decline of the US.

NFTs depict soil in the shape of US states over a fallen US flag, with items referencing issues the US faces, like tents in reference to the housing crisis - most heavily affecting California. Part of the proceeds from each initial sale will go toward organizations working on each issue. Owners are entitled to physically recreate and privately display the installations associated with each NFT.

As the US falls apart, participants can collect their favorite states to form their own countries, or collect them all to keep the Union whole. How participants decide to interact with the project, individually or collectively, at home and abroad, could provide clues as to the fate of the US.

Lot Number 2 (Texas), 2021

NFT / Certificate of Authenticity

Edition 1 of 1

The special item in this NFT is a wire coat hanger, associated with abortion rights, it is a symbol of inequality. This household item has been used as an abortion tool when there is a lack of access to abortion clinics.

Buy on OpenSea, part of the proceeds from the initial sale will go towards a non-profit working on protecting abortion rights. The recipient will be announced here and on social media.

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Once all 50 NFTs are minted, unlockable content such as 4,000 x 4,000 pixel images, 2,500 x 2,500 pixel videos, and signed prints, will be made available for collectors. Follow for project updates.

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Programs used: Blender, Adobe After Effects

Original video resolution: 2,500 x 2,500 pixels

00:00:16 looped, silent

Inquiries: studio at ortizcortez dot com

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