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Beating Hearts queer the Sacred Heart of Jesus to spread the message that love is love everywhere. A collection within Vicente's wider Arroz con Popote series, Beating Hearts recognize the humanity, dignity, and existence of queer people everywhere. This is alluded to through the use of flag colors and the naming of each piece.

Vicente drew upon his Catholic upbringing to reinterpret the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which is traditionally depicted as a heart encircled by thorns. In doing so, he infuses a centuries-old symbol with personal and cultural significance, creating an icon symbolic of the queer community's endurance.

Beating Hearts were conceived at Silver Art Projects in the World Trace Center, New York City, during his time as an Artist-in-Residence in their Social Justice & Activism program. Digitally created using 3D programming software, each piece exists in video and print media. The work promotes love, understanding, and acceptance, contributing to a more inclusive society. These works have been shown at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, NE, City Hall in Philadelphia, PA, Penticton Art Gallery in Penticton, British Columbia, and at NFT.NYC 2024 in New York City. Beating Hearts can be found in the collection of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in New York City.

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