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An intimate series of drawings, paintings, and digital work, Thirty Eighty-Four explores indigenous mythologies to create contemporary narratives at the intersection of identity and climate change. Named after George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984, 3084 reflects on Anthropocene-induced anxieties, raising questions about the fate of nature and humanity. Inspired by the work of Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali, the series features surreal anthropomorphic portraiture, while paying homage to Vicente's rural Mexican roots through native and Western motifs.

Works from this series have been exhibited at The Beach Museum (solo) in Alagoas, Brazil, the William Way LGBT Community Center in Philadelphia, PA, and at the Williamsburg Art and Historical (WAH) Center in Brooklyn, New York, among others. Permanent art collections include The Beach Museum, with awards from Red Line Art Works in Bath, United Kingdom, and juror selections by Paulina Pobocha, Curator at the Museum of Modern Art.

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